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Sway It Sister!

We’ll get things started with a cheeky little move. This is sure to draw all eyes to your shapely curves. It requires only a little effort, but the results will say a lot. Use your hands to emphasize your body, run them over your breasts, trace the smooth contours of your legs, or sexily ruffle your hair.

You should aim to incorporate between five and ten moves into each dance. The trick is to link each move with the next so that the routine flows. Try to slink around and sensually dance your way from one move to another so your routine looks seamless.

1. Start by standing seductively behind your pole, holding it with both hands
2. You’ve got your audience attention, place your left hand on your hip, keeping your right hand fixed on the pole
3. Now roll your hips in a circular motion, gently gyrate, and put a little bit of sassy sway into it

Pole Pointers

Practice makes sexy! The more time you spend in rehearsal, the more certain and convinced you’ll become on the pole. Practice in front of the mirror to see how your positions will build up confidence. It’s best to start out barefoot or wear running shoes until you feel at ease with stilettos.

Perform moves that highlight your favorite body parts. If you’ve got a big booty, then use it! Don’t focus entirely on the dance pole. Try to see the pole and the area around it as your personal sex zone. Use the floor for sexy struts and flaunty floor moves.

If you’re dancing to seduce, try to maintain eye contact with your audience as much as possible. Play with your audience. Tease them and toy with them. You are in control. Keep your
routine lively by mixing it up as much as possible. Switch among slow moves, fast moves, pole moves, and floor moves. Always keep them guessing!

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Know you

Stay tune to my blog, I will give you a spin- by- spin guide to explore your inner kitten. This blog was created to bring seductive awareness to this new fitness phenomenon.
First, you must get to know yourself. Start off slow and easy with this naughty little number. Performing this move will help you get to grips with the pole using a very simple, touchy-feely approach. Put on some slow music and take the time to familiarize yourself with your tall, shiny new dance partner.
1. Relax; be bold and confident as you hold your dance pole
2. Dancing slowly and intimately, feel your way around it using more than just fingers.
3. Slide your hands up and down the pole as you gently sway from side to side. Pleased and teased to meet you!!!

Why pole dance?

Flaunty Fun: pole dancing is a great way to lose your inhibitions, flaunt what you’ve got, and fell sensual about yourself. As well as learning a new skill, you’ll experience a seductive sense of freedom as you express your sexuality in a positive way.

Sexy Fun: you’ll be amazed this is a great way to heat things up in the bedroom. You’ll be amazed how much your self-esteem and confidence grow as you begin to learn the moves and put together your own sexy routines. Take on your exotic persona and blow your partner’s mind away. Choose your music and an outfit that completes the fantasy and hold on tight, prepare to release your kitten and get raunchy!!!

Fitness: a good pole dancing session is equivalent to a fun work out. It’s especially good for exercising all those sexy muscles that don’t usually see light of day, and it can be easygoing or as strenuous as you wish. When the music starts pumping, so will your adrenaline!! Grab a pole and get to know a new and sexier you.

Form of A.R.T.

Did you know pole dancing was a form of A.R.T.? Pole dancing provides a display of acrobatics and strength, combined with a combination of sensual, flowing feminine dance movements to form the ART of pole dancing we now know and recognize. Pole dancing is a form that involves dancing on and around a highly polished metal pole. It incorporates gymnastic moves, with freestyle movement, ballet and modern dance in different dimensions, which includes static, and moving positions on the pole and dancing free of the pole. Even without removing any clothing, pole dancing's sensual and seductive movements seem to be providing us with a means of expression.

Not only is pole dancing considered a form of art. It is a fun form of expression that combines seductive poses with moves, spins, and lifts. This can be used for both fun and fitness like all dance forms. It offers great freedom of expression, which is known to improve coordination and encourage improved self-confidence. This A.R.T. form is for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Everywoman has something worth flaunting, whether it’s your big breast, skinny legs, a big booty, or even long hair. If there’s music, you can escape into your fantasy it’s time to flaunt, flaunt, flaunt. Don't miss out on your chance to learn this new A.R.T (Arousing, Rhythm, Teasing) both you and partner will enjoy...

Doctor's Show

According to the Dr’s show, this new form of fitness ”pole dancing” is replacing pilates and yoga. This fitness is all abut having sexy fun and flaunting everything what you got. Pole dancing is hot right now, all the celebrities are doing it and classes are springing up everywhere. This is a great way to have fun with the girls, seduce the boys, or even give your self a fun workout. Get involved in a new form of fitness this summer. It’s the Dr’s order!!!!

Pole dancing is not just reserved for gentlemen's clubs anymore. Many health clubs and dance studios offer the sensual workout as an alternative to aerobic and step classes. Instructors say it bolsters women's confidence, improves their posture and body image, raises their self-esteem and makes them proud of their sexuality. "And this is no dirty thing, Dr. Jim says, "It's dancing, it's aerobic, it gets their breath going, it's a real workout. Dr. Lisa says, "Any time any woman feels good in her skin and feels self confident it's all good.

Pole History

Pole dancing has been around longer than we think. Tracked to the ancient Sumerian Times. This form of exotic performance dance art are enticing and teasing. 1900's the strip tease dance was added to burlesques shows to entice men to return. These featured famous strippers including gypsy Lee Rose. Traveling tent shows had strip tease acts, the smaller tent dancers started to use the pole in the tent's center to dance around.
The tents became known as the dance pole tents, the earliest recorded pole dance was in 1968 with a performance by Beke Jangles at Mugwamp strip joint in Oregon. In the 1980's Fawnia Mandey, originally from Canada is one of the world's first pole dancing champions. During the 1990's Fawnia started teaching pole dancing to every day women. She produced the very first instructional pole dancing DVD.

In pole dancing it’s all about you discovering your inner feeling of sexy. Showing off your hot body and just stepping out of the box. It’s important that you’re in the right frame of mind before you start. You’ll find it very liberating experience. Your confidence will explode and you’ll release your inner kitten (meow, meow). After a while the moves will become second nature. Remember, the key is to not take it too seriously, let your hair down, and have a giggle.